Safety and health protection co-ordination

On behalf of the awarding authority, the co-ordinator for health and safety monitors all applicable events relevant for safety at the respective site. At Weber Engineers headquarters and branch offices, a total of 15 qualified health and safety co-ordinators are available for the management of small construction sites (e.g. block of flats) up to large constructions sites with a building volume in excess of 200 million euros. Important services are:


  • Notification of the building project at the applicable health and safety administration
  • Risk analysis prior to the execution of the building project (planning phase)
  • Safety and health protection plan
  • Organisation and execution of safety inspections and safety meetings during the execution of the building project
  • Participation in on-site consultations
  • Assembling of the documentation (so-called construction site feature file) to represent the safety-relevant facilities for later maintenance and repair work.